Thermogenic Fat Burning Coffee with African Mango

1 box contains 30 single serving packets. For best results, drink 2 packets each day.

Besides buying great tasting coffee, you are getting 2 patented ingredients (CoffeeBerry and WellTrim), plus green tea. These ingredients are great for your body and shown to help the body lose weight.

Will  Thermogenic Coffee work for you? Please read the rest of this website, specifically the CLINICAL STUDY, my personal review (at the top) and the page on Leptin Resistance.




In the WellTrim® Clinical Study, 52 participants lost an average of 28 pounds, 6.7 inches off waistline and 6% body fat IN 10 WEEKS, plus lowered cholesterol, blood sugar and leptin levels .

You Can Duplicate The Clinical Study by drinking 2 servings Thermogenic Coffee each day. For best results, drink 30-60 minutes before 2 largest meals. That’s it!  No calorie counting. No exercise.

Disclaimer: Individual results vary. Please read Clinical Study results.

1 box contains 30 single serving packets, which is a 15 day supply of GREAT tasting coffee!